Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kiara, Rashawn and Jonathan

This picture was taken with a pin-hole camera. We decided to take the picture in front of John. B. Stetson Charter school because that is our school. This picture first was a negative but was made into a positive by contact printing. In this picture is me (Kiara) and my friends. I hope you like it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

my neighborhood

I love this picture because it shows me and what I love about my neighborhood. The shutterbugs and I made our first pictures with pinhole cameras. We had difficulties at first but we finally did it. My head is blurry because ether me or the camera moved. We have to decide how much exposure time we need by how much light there is. My name is Jashira.

My pinhole camera picture

This is my pinhole camera picture. If you are wondering why are there three people in this picture and why he's getting lighter each time its because i moved the camera two times to the right. The reason is that the later you get in or move the camera the person thats in it gets lighter. That's the reason my picture is like this. Thanks for viewing :).

franchesca & rashawn

Franchesca & Rashawn

Rashawn decided to take a picture in front of the church, so we did. We made a simple mistake, he got into the picture 15 seconds late so he came out like this, which I think was a good mistake. I'm blurry because I moved too much but I don't really care because it looks awesome and love it.

Pinky and I

I chose to take this picture because it shows me and my crazy friend Franchesca. This picture is black and white because we used pin hole cameras. This is like back in the day technology but now cameras are mostly digital and advanced. The real deal to this is easy, the light goes in through a little hole in the pin hole camera and the picture goes on the special photo paper (like film) and depending on how much light goes in is how dark or light your picture comes out. So that's how come it's black and white. The picture is a little blurry because Franchesca moved too much during the picture while taking. Hope you like my picture, Enjoy.