Thursday, February 3, 2011


I almost died doing this because my shoes kept on coming off so I had to run bare footed through the snow and I almost kinda cried and Tania thought I was laughing. lol

That was not my fault it sounded like she was laughing, what franchesca said was true. I had fun in the snow (I didn't, I hate snow now) even though I was freezing. What really stinks is that the picture didn't come out the way i wanted thanks to the chemicals & tania moving.

Pinholes in the Snow

Today we took pinhole photographs in the snow. Besides having fun the purpose is for the students to have images to share with their Colombian partners. It never snows in La Florida and most of the students there have never seen snow so these photographs are particularly relevant.


Me and Rashawn decided to take the picture in the snow because we wanted to take a picture about the one thing we like which was snow.It is blurry because we were moving a lot. We were trying something new. thanks you for all your comments and have a wonderful day.
Kiara Morales Rashawn Pittman

Tania & Gennyliz ghost?

No, we're not ghosts we just played with time by sitting still in one place for 5 out of 25 minutes. We made the pinhole stay for 25 minutes because there was not enough light coming through so it took longer to take the picture. The hard thing was sitting still for 5 minutes in one place. It took a good guess to make this picture happen. We are in the back under the letter "T' in "Stetson". We are very proud of this picture and thanks to Mr.Rocco's help for making this picture happen.