Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sal y Dulce!

Hi, my name is Leanise. Sunday, we went to the Sal y Dulce event. I liked it over there because there was a lot of cool art and they made cool Columbian art and statues and it was cool. They made jewelry and all this other stuff and it was really cool and I liked it. I was shocked when I got there because it was different and I was scared and when we were over there we met people from Columbia and it was cool because we got to make stuff and it was like a creative thing to do. We got to make art too and pretend we are designers and make our own things. It was cool to tell other people about Shutterbugs but there were a lot of people over there and I was nervous. We got to tell people about it. The part I liked was talking to people because you got to tell people how you made you pictures and why you did. Mine was Momma's Boy that was for sale there and I took it during Christmas time. I like it because it showed a lot of bonding. I liked Sal y Dulce.


Hi my name is Xavier. I want to invite you to the Stetson Shutterbugs Instagram page. You will see a lot of our pictures from pinhole to digital. Hope you like them! Thank you for following us!


Pinhole Cameras


Hi. Im back to tell you about my first time using a pinhole camera! This wasn't a hard process. First, I picked a can to use then we put a hole in it and put tape over the hole. After that me and my friends (the other people part of the shutterbugs) went to our school's dark room and made chemicals to help with our pictures. We turned the lights off in the dark room to put special paper into our cans. It gets ruined if the light hits it. After that, we went outside to a spot we wanted. We pulled the tape off and waited two minutes for the picture. After all of that, we went back to the dark room and took the paper out the can and placed it into the chemicals. It was amazing! Our pictures came out so perfect and clear. I was amazed and so was my teacher because no pinhole picture has ever came out that clear. I was so happy because I had never used a pinhole camera before.