Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sal y Dulce!

Hi, my name is Leanise. Sunday, we went to the Sal y Dulce event. I liked it over there because there was a lot of cool art and they made cool Columbian art and statues and it was cool. They made jewelry and all this other stuff and it was really cool and I liked it. I was shocked when I got there because it was different and I was scared and when we were over there we met people from Columbia and it was cool because we got to make stuff and it was like a creative thing to do. We got to make art too and pretend we are designers and make our own things. It was cool to tell other people about Shutterbugs but there were a lot of people over there and I was nervous. We got to tell people about it. The part I liked was talking to people because you got to tell people how you made you pictures and why you did. Mine was Momma's Boy that was for sale there and I took it during Christmas time. I like it because it showed a lot of bonding. I liked Sal y Dulce.


Hi my name is Xavier. I want to invite you to the Stetson Shutterbugs Instagram page. You will see a lot of our pictures from pinhole to digital. Hope you like them! Thank you for following us!


Pinhole Cameras


Hi. Im back to tell you about my first time using a pinhole camera! This wasn't a hard process. First, I picked a can to use then we put a hole in it and put tape over the hole. After that me and my friends (the other people part of the shutterbugs) went to our school's dark room and made chemicals to help with our pictures. We turned the lights off in the dark room to put special paper into our cans. It gets ruined if the light hits it. After that, we went outside to a spot we wanted. We pulled the tape off and waited two minutes for the picture. After all of that, we went back to the dark room and took the paper out the can and placed it into the chemicals. It was amazing! Our pictures came out so perfect and clear. I was amazed and so was my teacher because no pinhole picture has ever came out that clear. I was so happy because I had never used a pinhole camera before.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

My First Experience

My first experience with pinholes wasn't that bad, but I had to stay still for the sunlight to go in the hole. What I mean is we took pictures with cans and use these photo paper to take the picture. It was also fun too because sunlight goes in the paper to make the photo and I think that was cool. My first experience was fun actually and not that bad because I had to stay still for 2 minutes and staying still is not easy for me. Again, I still really liked it.

1st Year!

Hi my name is Madeline. This is my first year in Shutterbugs. I am in the 7th grade and in a school called John B Stetson. I believe that being in Shutterbugs is great because I love the experience that we get to go through when we take pictures.

Pinhole Pictures!

Hi, my name Rosie. This is a pinhole camera photo that me and my fellow Shutterbugs Luis and Xavier. We did this on the first try and it came out awesome. In case you didn't know what a pinhole camera is, lucky for you I will give you the answer! A pinhole camera is basically a can. What you do is you get a can for example a Goya can and you poke a hole in the front center then you put a piece of duck tape over the hole. After you do that you have to spray paint the inside black. Then, you put a photography paper in the inside and you close it shut because if you let it hit the light, the picture will mess up completely. That's how you take a pinhole photo!


I’m Karisma Ortiz. 15 years old. Im in the 8th grade at John B. Stetson Charter School getting ready to graduate. I’m not your average 15 year-old. Yes, I have social media and I do interact with others. But I am more focused on myself and school. 

Now, it is November 28, 2017 and this is my first year in Shutterbugs. I wanted to join the Shutterbugs because I wanted to express myself.  I also wanted to join the Shutterbugs because I want other people to know my story.  As a 8th grader, I am determined to graduate this year. Also, I am determined to let nothing get in my way . I will not let anything stop me.

                                                Karisma Ortiz


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

All about the writer: What I want to be

Angie Romero

There’s some days where you think “I wonder how my future going will be like”or “How would I succeed”. Hi there my name is Angie Romero and I’m in 7th grade. I do want to succeed in my life. In addition, I want to encourage people to follow their dreams and to tell them that you should never give up. Although this is my first year as a Shutterbug and I already know what I want to be.

My First Pinhole!

I felt proud of myself because I got to do my first pinhole picture. It was cool because I got to see how to develop. If you see how I am a little blurry it's because I ran into the picture last minute. I ran into the picture to see if I would come out and I did. Mr. Rocco went in the picture too and it didn't come out. You will have to stay for a while and stay still for 2 minutes without moving. I got to go to the darkroom. It was cool and the light is red so you can at least see in the room. It was cool because when you put the paper in the chemical you can see the way it goes negative but if you keep it too long it is going to get dark or mess up and it won't show the picture.

Motivos Magazine!

The first time I was at a Motivos event with my brother Xavier, I was really shocked and honored because I never been in something big like that but I didn’t think we were going to get picked. I didn’t know I was that good. I liked it because I got to take pictures with people talking and expressing their feelings and being proud of their work.

 The reason why I liked taking pictures at Motivos was because I like taking pictures a lot. It reminds me of the way pictures can show emotions and what they mean. I like that a lot because it is really cool and that is what photos show me.

 The reason why I am really happy that they said we can do these events is because we get to meet new people and talk to them. It was a blessing that they said we can do this. I never did this before and I was really nervous but I said what I needed to say and what was my feelings of being a Shutterbug and how I liked it and it was cool because we met Jenee. She is the founder of Motivos magazine. We got to do cool stuff and we got to talk about how we started at Shutterbugs. The cool part was that when we did it everybody was proud of us but it was really hard because I was nervous but I still did it. We met a lot of people that was interested in working with Shutterbugs because they like taking pictures too.
 I was so happy I got this chance and I am thankful and I hope I can do it again because it was really cool to do something like that in my life. Thank you! 😄😄

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Meeting the new 2017 shutterbug !!


Hi my name is Zimera and I am a 6th grader at John B. Stetson.       I have recently joined a program called the Shuttbugs and it is going well. In this program we mostly focus on photography and chemicals and more. I wanted to join this program because I like to take pictures and learn more about anything I can. I joined this program because I think it is an amazing way to learn more about things and also it is a great hobby for me to do after school. I am looking foward to showing you some of my work and hope you are too!

All About ME (Jacob Quinones)

Hi my name is Jacob Quinones! I'm in 7th Grade! The reason why i joined the John B Stetson ShutterBugs is because I wanted to try out something new in life. Now it's been 2 years since I was in the 6th Grade.

Stuff about me

Favorite Book:Harry Potter

Favorite Music Artist:Bad Bunny

My First Year At Shutterbugs

Hi my name is Xavier. I am a new shutterbug. I am 13 years old and I go to John B Stetson. I am in the 7th grade. I am in a club called Shutterbugs because what I saw my sister and friends doing was cool. You get to make pictures with chemicals and develop the picture into negative picture and then to positive pictures. I am looking forward to taking pictures and displaying them in different places. Something I want to achieve is to learn why it is important to take pictures in the outside world. Something I did learn was that people don't realize why people take pictures of the outside world but we take them so we can learn more about the places we go to and to realize where we live in. It is not only a trashy place. It is a work of art and every picture we take helps us realize what this world is all about.

All About Pinhole Cameras


Hi, my name is Vida. I am going to tell you about pinhole cameras. First, I'm going to tell you how we make them. To make a pinhole camera you need a medium jar. When you have a medium jar you need to spray paint the inside of the jar black and the inside of the top. On the side of the can you need to poke a little hole. Next, you put a black piece of tape on the hole and when you're read, you put the film paper in the jar. Then your pinhole camera is ready. When you put the film paper in the can, make sure you don't let any light shine on it. Now, i'm going to tell you how you take a picture with a pinhole camera. To take the picture you need to make sure there is a lot of sun. Don't let the sun hit the film paper inside your jar yet. Put the can on the ground or something. Make sure you put a little something in front to aim your can. Next, take the picture by taking off the tape on the hole. Last but not least, go to your dark room and develop your photo.  I love to take pictures with pinhole cameras because it is better than a digital camera.


Hi my name is Devin.  This is my first time being a Shutterbug. I joined the club because I'm interested in photography. I am trying to make cool pictures about things I find interesting and things that resembles me. I am dedicated to make the best pictures I can. I also became a Shutterbug because Mr. Rocco is very fun. I also joined because this can help me in my future career. I am in the 6th grade. I go to John B. Stetson Charter School. I am a leader at this school. 

Now I'm going to tell you about Shutterbugs! We use pinhole cameras. It's a can with a hole and special paper (you have to put tape to block the light from the paper). There's different types of pictures with pinholes. There's negative and positive pictures. Negative pictures are backwards and fully fixed. Positive pictures are pictures that are finished. These are the things that turn a negative to a positive: Develop, stop, and fix.

All about this awesome photography club called shutterbugs

Hi my name is Rosemarie Garcia but lots of people just call me Rosie. I am 13 years old. I'm in 8th grade and I go to John B. Stetson middle school, right on B street. I'm in a photography club called Shutterbugs. We do lots of cool things like take photos with a pinhole camera. We have lots of different things to do. I hope while you scroll more down or up you can be more interested in lots of different things with our club.



Hi, my name is Mercedes and I been in the shutterbugs for 2 years. It is so fun! You can do pinhole pictures with any can you want and it's really fun to make it. You get a can and you poke a little hole in the middle and put special paper in the can. You can't open it because it can mess up so we use a special light and then it won't mess up. We put it in for 50 seconds or put it for a minute
 and we put it where the sun light is at. Then we go in the dark room and develop it and there goes your picture!

Hello from this Shutterbug!

Hi my name is Leanise and I like to talk to new people and meet new people. The reason that I joined shutterbugs is because I like taking pictures. I like to take pictures because they are cool and I been here for 2 years and I like it because the pictures you take can be about the outside world and it can mean different things and show different emotions. I like to take pinhole camera pictures because you can make your own camera and you can do the real steps with the chemicals.

All about myself

Hi, my name is Jade Rios and I joined Shutterbugs because I love to take photos a lot. Also I can express myself in a way that make me who I am today as a Shutterbug. I been in shutterbugs for 2 years and  it helped me know different ways to take photos. I go to John B. Stetson Charter School.My favorite anime show is rwby because it's an anime show that I really love a lot. My favorite thing to do in Shutterbugs is use different kinds of cameras new and old.

New to Shutterbugs!

Hello, this is Gilianne. I'm a new Shutterbug. I'm very excited to be here! What I like about being a Shutterbug is that we can take different pictures. We go to different places and learn something new. Also, I really like to learn new things and take pictures. 

all about me and stetson shutterbugs

Hi, my name is vida. I am going to tell you about myself and Stetson Shutterbugs. I am in  the 6th grade and I go to John B Stetson charter school. I am 11 years old. My favorite food is rice with beans and pasteles. I love to draw and take pictures. My favorite movie is Vampire diaries. My favorite song is Dusk till Dawn by Zayn and Sia. Now that I told you about me, I’m going to tell you about shutterbugs. We do not take pictures with digital cameras a lot.  We usually use pinhole cameras. Pinhole cameras are cameras made from cans. Shutterbugs is a picture club.  The person who teaches us is Mr. Rocco. He is a computer teacher at John B Stetson charter school and also the Shutterbugs teacher after school. He is really helpful and teaches us a lot of things about cameras that we didn’t even know. Mr. Rocco is the best teacher! Shutterbugs is something that I was looking for and I finally found something I’m good at. 

                                                                             Sincerely: Stetson shutterbug vida