Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Video of Presentation at CCC

This is a portion of the Shutterbug's presentation last night at the Cheltenham Camera Club. You can really tell a lot about how amazing they are by how well they speak about photography. Great job Shutterbugs! I am so proud of you!

Shutterbugs present at Cheltenham Camera Club

The Shutterbugs presented themselves and their work last night to members of the Cheltenham Camera Club (CCC), who have been ardent supporters of our project. The students got to talk about their work and answered questions by the CCC members. Many thanks to the club and it's members for inviting us  and donating over $100, as well as hundreds of $$$ worth of photo supplies and equipment last night!

Joselyn talks about her photos

Franchesca talks about the Colombia trip last summer and why she enjoys photography

The Shutterbugs and some Cheltenham Camera Club members

Shutterbugs and PWB get $2000 Grant!

Shutterbug Familia out in Full Force poses with big check and Tom Kaiden from Phila. Cultural Alliance
Photography Without Borders (PWB), which runs the Stetson Shutterbug program in Philly as well as projects in Colombia, has received a $2000 Project Stream grant from the PA Council for the Arts, Phila. Cultural Alliance and PECO! This money will go a long way in helping support our programs next year, specifically by helping bring students from La Florida, Colombia, to Philly next summer as part 2 of our cultural exchange. Click here to check out more photos from the check ceremony.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nature Is Beautiful By: Jashira

I took this picture when I was running in a park near my house. I honestly don't know why I picked this tree but it just caught my attention. I loved how the the tree was so tall and didn't have many leaves. It was one of the only tress that didn't have even one green leaf! I think that is why I took this picture. :)