Friday, March 23, 2018

What Are You Doing?

The picture is of my now 17 year old sister and her friend, who's names I'll keep unknown. My older sister was joking around acting like she was going to gobble up the cake, while her friend had the "what are you doing" pose. I personally thought it was funny so I snapped a photo.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

7th Birthday

Hello Internet I'm K.C. This picture is about my little sister on her 7th birthday. My first reason for taking this picture is that she posed for a different camera but I thought it was a bit funny how she was posing and acting fierce, but the second and best reason is that I will never get to see her like that again. She may pose like this again but never in the same way.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Trying to be like Lebron

I took this picture because I thought that it was funny because my brother was trying to spin the ball on his finger while we were walking. When I took this picture, it was dark outside and we were coming back from the supermarket. I thought this would be a good picture because my brother is trying to learn something new but it looks like he is going to drop the ball. It's really cool because my brother was working hard to do something new. You never know what you can do unless you try and keep practicing.

Spring is Near!...?

I took this picture because it made me wonder where the kid is and it reminded me of spring. Where is spring? I say that because there is a bike and there is melted snow. It also made me think about snow days and how people go outside with their dirt bikes and four wheelers and they ride in the snow. Look at how bright the snow is compared to the bike and everything else in this picture. It is almost like you can touch it.

The Mysterious Person

I took this picture because this is a woman who is always out on the streets begging for money for drugs and alcohol especially in front of Family Dollar. On this day, it was raining outside and she had the umbrella covering her body. I took this picture because it was cool that she was covering her face from the rain so you can't tell if it is a man or a woman. This is her everyday life rain or shine. The main reason why I took this picture is that it was really mysterious and cool because of the way it looks and how her body kind of goes with the window. Oh, and she reminds me of Raiden from Mortal Kombat because Raiden always covers his face. Hehe

Saturday, March 17, 2018


It is such a honor to be included in the latest edition of Motivos Magazine and even have my first photo published for one of  the "Leap of Faith" articles! Yes, that is Xavier up in the air!šŸ¤£Be sure to pick up a copy! -Linda (PWB board)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wonders of Life

 Hello again my Darlings, Bianca is back and I have another story to share. Now this photo is of my 9 year old brother and 2 year old nephew playing around. The reason this is called "Wonders of Life " is because each photo is a memory frozen in time and you don't know what's going to happen next. In this photo my nephew is extra happy and my brother looks very confused. This relates to the title since my brother has a wonderful look on his face and my nephew is  "starting" life. You don't always know what will happen next, hence "Wonders of Life".

The Light in the Darkness

Hello Darlings, it's BIANCA and I'm just going to give you a nice rundown of the reason why I took this photo. Now there are many reasons why but the first reason I took it is that it is a neighborhood that every student passes through every day. We are used to seeing a bunch of trash and glass on the floor. This shows the same neighborhood but in a completely different perspective.This photo was taken because it shows a group of houses with old buildings in the background. Also if you look into the far back you can not really tell where and how it ends.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I Didn't Do It

I took this picture because my baby brother was standing in front of the refrigerator with a "don't touch my stuff" and "back off" look on his face and it was funny. He also had an "I didn't do it look"! The other reason I took this picture was that I thought it would be really cool to take this picture and for everybody to see it.

Students Taking Charge!

Students taking charge today at Olney High School where they started building their own darkroom as well as their pinhole cameras.

Friday, March 9, 2018

New Program Location!

Great class today at our new Shutterbug Program at the 25th District PAL Center! The students learned about pinholes and painted their cameras. First photos next week! Many thanks to Officer Jessica for helping put this together!

Dark Hole

This is a factory. The factory that is was talking to you about in the last blog i wrote. This picture caught my eye because the manhole in the street looks like a dark hole but that's not the only reason why I took this picture. Another reason why i took this picture is because the windows are all broken like rocks have been thrown at them and because it was a snowy day. The light from the snow makes the buildings and manhole stand out.

Good and Bad Things in Life

I took this picture because of all the trash in the background and the side of the factory. This is a factory. You can tell me it doesn't from the way it looks but it is just the other side.This factory area caught my eye because of the way the windows are made of bricks. This factory attracts drugs addicts and it is falling apart. This is not a good area because the cops are usually here but for kids like me having to see this stuff, it is just bad. We have to deal with not being safe because of other people's actions. A lot of people do drugs and drop needles everywhere but their minds are controlled by the drug so even if they wanted to stop, they would not be able to stop because they would go to rehab and then they would come out and see everybody else doing it and they would do it all over again. It's sad living in this neighborhood but there are a lot of positive things out here. People don't see the good things these places bring us. Don't only focus on the bad. Focus on what is right in the world. Trust me it might make this place a better place.

Construction Site

Hi. I'm Devin. I took a picture of this gate because of the way I took it makes it look endless. I also took the picture because they are building something there right now. It is a construction site but it used to be just a bunch of trash, bricks, and just nasty. Now, it looks a whole lot better.

Ms. Christidhis and Karissa

Hi. I'm Gilianne. I took this picture because my friend Karissa had just got back from getting her Stallion pin. This is a good thing to have at our school. I thought it would be a good picture to take at the moment because she was really happy. My teacher Ms. Christidhis was so happy for her because she has been working so hard to become a Stallion. I was also happy for my friend Karissa.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

First Attempt by Keith Ramos

My name is Keith Ramos. I am part of the YAP and this is my first attempt at a pinhole camera photograph. Sometimes things dont go as plannned but that doesnt mean its for the worst. Our original idea for a location to take photographs was gone so this happy little accident pulled through!

Happy Little Mistakes by Jennifer Reyes

Hello my name is Jennifer Reyes, I'm a part of the youth artist program(Y.A.P) in Taller PuertoriqueƱo. This was my first attempt at a Pinhole photograph. The picture was supposed to be at a different place but we had a bit of a bump. We thought for a while but we decided to roll with it. Happy little mistakes.

Lonely Tree by Devin

Hello. My name is Devin. I took a picture of the Christmas tree in the corner by itself and the wall because I liked how the wall looked with the design. It looks like two eyes to me. I also wanted to make it look not so happy because the tree being by itself in the corner is sad to me.


I like this picture because at night when people least expect it, we may sometimes see people sleeping under there. People walk pass there sometimes to go to the hospital and other places. In this place, people don't realize what they do in areas like this. They try to harm their self with drugs and other ways. They might threaten others. There are homeless people that don't do anything and just want to live like we do but some people don't think that way. Some homeless people won't except food only money for drugs and alcohol. This picture caught my eye because this is all dirty with trash and dirt and needles and we have to deal with all this trash when this world can be a little cleaner.


I took this picture because my baby brother was trying to look for the cheese, but the real reason why I took this picture is that it actually looks like he is trying to grab the light or he is trying to get to the light and that is why I took this picture.