Thursday, March 17, 2011

The beauty of nature

Mr.Rocco gave us an assignment to pick a picture so, I picked this picture from the Internet because it caught my eye when I first saw it. The elephants are just hanging out in the wild. Also the picture has a lot of bright colors and it makes the elephants pop out more. It looks so beautiful!

Virgin Mary Is Coming For You

My assignment was to look for a picture on the Internet that caught my attention. I picked this picture because it caught my attention and I love how supposedly the image of Virgin Mary is almost coming out of a tree. The image has the same colors like the Virgin Mary. It looks like the Virgin Mary is coming for you out of a tree. If look at the light in the picture it looks like that picture was token on a cloudy day.

Taking A Break

The reason i put the title Taking A Break is because we were walking around every where.Then we took a break and i thought since we're here lets take the picture.
The reason you couldn't see me or the person with me in the picture unless you look directly at parts of the picture.Is because We moved after a few minutes next to where we were sitting originally to make it as we were in both places at the same time. Thanks for your time.

favorite photo

This was an assignment ,Mr.Rocco told us to find a picture we like and tell him what we admire about the photo. I love this picture because it shows my favorite bird in my favorite color.No human was in the picture and the focus was all on the bird that is why I love this picture.

My favorite picture assignment

Mr.rocco told us to find a picture that we found interesting so i went online and. I picked this picture because well it's kinda hard to explain. It kinda reminded me about how beautiful nature truly is when it is uninhabited by humans it's such a peaceful moment. And i think it's so hard for a photographer to capture such a serene detailed moment. thats why i picked this picture.

Monday, March 7, 2011

First Friday in Old City!

Today the Shutterbugs had their first art gallery experience when we went to First Friday in Old City to see an exhibition of photographs by Al Wachlin, Jr.,  co-president of The Light Room (which has donated much equipment and supplies to the Shutterbugs). First Friday is a FREE monthly event where all the galleries in Old City have openings showcasing new art. The event attracts thousands of people and creates a festival type atmosphere. Check out the images and video below!

Here are the Shutterbugs along with teacher Mr. Rocco and staff from Rustica Pizza in Northern Liberties. Rustica Pizza is a sponsor of the Shutterbugs (and has great pizza!).
Walter photographing some sculpture in Northern Liberties.
Shutterbugs with photographer Al Wachlin Jr. at his opening in Old City.
Artsy bike rack.
Cool photo of the famous Christ Church in Old City.
You meet lots of interesting people at First Friday. Isn't Christmas in December?