Wednesday, July 31, 2013

VICTORY! ^___^ \(^0^)/ By: Jashira Bodden

 Yesterday I had a great victory climbing El Cerro De Las Tres Cruces here in Cali, which is a mountain that people walk up for exercise. In the beginning of the walk I couldn't breathe and I was feeling light headed so we took a break and everyone came to comfort me. After I struggled to get to the half way point and we rested for a little while and they asked all the girls if they thought that they could make it to the top. I told them I'd go up as high as I can and then I'd go down if I got tired. I walked, occasionally stopped and took breaks, and next thing I know I see Rashawn, Jonathan, and Mr.Rocco's family cheering me on. Mr.Rocco said let me take a picture of your victory and there it is. 

The only girl Shutterbug to get to the top of  El Cerro De Las Tres Cruces. :) #PROUD

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SO yesterday I met Valentina from the Agua Blanca District of Cali, Colombia.
She's 8 years old and I swear she's the cutest thing in the world. We were together for about 5 hours yesterday. The best part about her is that she is SO well behaved and really easy to teach. It was a pleasure meeting her :3. 

Telling and Enjoying

Today the Shutterbugs were with the other kids here in
Colombia, telling them about our way to the top and
showing them how we got to Colombia from Philly.
We are enjoying ourselves here in Colombia. This is
my first time here and I'm enjoying myself.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Time The Best Time

For my first time in Colombia. I'm having a great time with the Shutterbugs after our problems like missing our plane and sleeping in the airport, but we still got here and we are having a great  time together. 

Finally here ... By:Jashira Bodden

After all that struggle with our flights being rescheduled. We managed to finally get here in one piece. We met Tio Juan Manuel and his family. We settled in and after we went for a walk to a mall. We went on swing sets and seesaws and sang songs. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

In Orlando ! ^__^ By: Jashira Bodden

So, today has been a rough but awesome day. First its Franchesca's birthday . We went to NY late and accidentally missed our first flight to Orlando and everyone got worried but we had Mr. Rocco comfort us with food. :) Once we got to Orlando me and Mr. Rocco were trying to figure out how to use our new but old cameras. So all in all were all prepared and excited to get back to our friends in Colombia.