Thursday, May 16, 2013

 To begin, there are several reason that  I took this picture.  First of all, this photo was to show the look of the beginning stage of a coffee bean's growth.  Another reason I took this photo was because every morning that I wake up I notice my mother is drinking coffee, in a flash I picture my mother back in Philadelphia meanwhile we were in Colombia.  Lastly, I took this picture because it remind me about how people bother me by saying that coffee stop growth, being though im short so it really bothers me. Therefore,  you know why I took this photo.

Stray Gloves By: Jashira Bodden

I took this picture because I went out with a goal and that was to look for something unusually beautiful. I think that is what this picture represents, something that is unusually beautiful. I think it's amazing how you can make trash art. When I first saw the gloves I took it looking directly down on them. Afterwards I knelt down and purposely set my self up to take a picture with one glove on each corner. This is why I love this picture.

I took this picture because my best friends are in it. Also, we were taking pictures of things that really interest us.  This picture makes me feel like I took a picture of something besides trash. It makes me feel like I took a picture of something people have done to our streets. To me, this picture represents what humans do everyday in Kensington.

Holiday Family Love (H.F.L.)

I named this picture Holiday Family Love or (H.F.L) because it shows
how my mother hugs my brother and it looks like she's about to cry.
Then the hand that is my sisther gives him some food or a toy for the holiday. 
The reason that the picture looks like that is because i used a film camera that only takes black and white pictures.

The Beautiful

                                I took this picture because it was spring time and all the flowers were blossoming so i through id take this picture to show that winter is gone and spring has come.