Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My first Photogram

This a photogram that I did in our darkroom . What this is supposed to remind me of the beach. With the shell like figures and in the corner are seashells. My first experience at the darkroom was great because Mr.Rocco showed us step by step how to make a photogram

My first photograph

This is my first photogram I have done. I used a half a plastic scarecrow a big square and a hexagon. My first experience was kind of cool and it was really fun. This picture was suppose to look like someone laying back with a bag of chips.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My primera fotografia

Esta foto fue hecha con objetos que encontramos en el 4th piso. Use cucharas, tenedores,boradoras, 1 boligrafo y zacapuntas. La esperienza fue increible, trabajar a oscuro fue impresionante. Nosotros primero usamos un paper en blano, luego pusimos cosas ensima para crear un diseƱo. Despues usamos unas maquinas especiales. Cuando empesamos a usar los chimicos se empezo a descatar la foto.Espero volver aserlo mas amenudo.

this is my first photogram

This is a picture of Sailor Moon my favorite anime show of all time. When I got back to the darkroom i just wanted to make her so if you look at it sideways it kinda looks like her. And next time I'm gonna try to make sailor Venus or Neptune. My first experience well first of all i never been in a dark room before and my experience was like WOW and i was really exited.

my first photograms

This is my first photogram that I put together. I was happy and excited finding things to make it. It was fun we should do them again. My first time in the darkroom i was nervous, i didn't know what to do but Mr Rocco showed me how. And what i like about it is that we picked our own stuff to use on our pics so thats cool and we wouldn't have learned this stuff without Mr. Rocco thank you

My First Photogram

This picture looks like a monster. I used rulers, rubber bands, erasers, and computer cyber chips, etc. We searched the whole 4th floor to find stuff for our photograms. When i first looked at the picture, i was amazed. I love doing photograms and i wish you'll do it too. I was amazed when my blank pice of paper got its color. It was fun doing the photograms.