Tuesday, May 4, 2010

this is my first photogram

This is a picture of Sailor Moon my favorite anime show of all time. When I got back to the darkroom i just wanted to make her so if you look at it sideways it kinda looks like her. And next time I'm gonna try to make sailor Venus or Neptune. My first experience well first of all i never been in a dark room before and my experience was like WOW and i was really exited.


  1. Luis,

    From last year to this year I've seen a huge difference. You have really grown up and are doing very interesting work. Keep up with your art work and have a fun time working with all the new equipment and the dark room.
    -Mr. Krause

  2. I'm impressed with what you all have been able to accomplish with your first photos! Stick with it!

    -Ms. Culley