Monday, September 24, 2012


This picture means a lot to me because it's not every day you get to go to Colombia and I am very thankful that I got to go. I am thankful to Mr. Rocco for taking me because without Mr. Rocco we wouldn't be known as the Stetson Shutterbugs. This picture means a lot to me because this flower was given to me by Eric in Colombia. This flower is the definition of beauty because the color is so unique for a flower, tell me one day you've been strolling down the street and found a flower like this one and thats why it's unique in all the ways possible.

Train man BY Jonathan Gonzalez

This picture was taken while we were walking from Stetson to the Feria del Barrio last week. I took this picture because I saw a man walking down the tracks and we didn't know what he was doing down there but it seemed like he had a bag so I was thinking that it looked nice with the trees looking different colors. 

Foggy day in Colombia By: Jashira :)

I took this picture when we were walking back from having a fun day with the kids from La Florida. We walked to the river and we took so many pictures. When we walked back I was scared because it got really foggy and I looked close enough to see a tree in the distance. I really love how it looks like compared to the tree that has color.

Sunny Moments In Colombia ^__^

I  love this picture  (the first one)because the whole day before we left to Mr.Rocco's  aunt's house
it was rainy and foggy and it felt all sticky and i was getting mad and frustrated because their wasn't enough light  to take the  types of pictures I wanted to and then finally after sitting outside for hours
waiting to catch some sun  it finally came and it made my day ^__^

The reason why i chose the second picture
is because   all of the different colors  & different textures
in the picture really caught my eye & it's also the biggest reason  why i took this picture

Franchesca Robles