Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My favorite picture by Dariel Rivera

I like this photo because it shows that no matter what race you are you can still be united. This was the main message I learned because if you are united with each other you will have a greater chance in succeeding. If you don't work together and you don't succeed its because one person maybe had a good idea but needed to be supported and another person from another idea that could support the other groups idea and they cant help each other unless they work together no matter what race. Its always good to work together.

First post of a rose by Brittany Flores

I like this photo because its beautiful with the details of the drops of water on the pedals also the color of the flower is unique with the purple leaves in the back it makes it pop out more then it does. Also it shows that there nothing in the surroundings that looks more beautiful than the rose. What I think about a flower is that life is a flower because we bloom and shine bright then we shiver and die. Also we take care of our lives just like taken care of a beautiful flower. This flower shows life and love in some kind of way that you cant describe.

There are several reason why I love this picture. First, this is not my picture it is an image that i found on google and decide that I should share it with the blog. This picture express my thoughts and what people say to each other like  "Your Ugly" don't believe what they say because in some way you are beautiful. Also, people  tell each other " you should die because of your looks" don't get so upset and listen to them i just want you to tell them you just don't see it in me like I do. You are beautiful  <3. I might not see you in person  but i see a beautiful image deep inside.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

my exprence in the shutter bugs

My name is Nautica Lovera and the reason I like being in the shutterbugs is because I love art. I love taking pictures an love motion. I like taking pictures of movement and learning about photographs and about film. Mr. Rocco is the best at teaching us new things I’m glade he give’s us things to do after school an sometimes when were in school. if he had never done this some people would be doing bad things out side or inside school. I’m grateful for the shutterbugs and Mr. Rocco I’m happy to be in one of the best things ever. I was thinking one day about the life of a photographer so I decided to be one its so much fun having friends in shutterbugs so they can help you when your stuck on something. I saw how some people miss judge them but I see people differently I see them as good people. people who like to see what they like seeing how they want there life I remember when I first learned how to make photo grams they said they liked mine, mine was one of the best I liked mine for a first time. I love shutterbugs because there like family. family that are funny an caring and other then my birth family there my family out side the house out side of school or in school. They are artest’s an I’m glade to be working with them I happy for them I like being here I love there pictures I learned to used developer, stop an fix for photo grams an learned how to make a photo gram with no lights on an just a little bit of time an 15 seconds worth of light on the photo gram

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Check Out My First Photogram

The first  photogram is the first photogram I ever did.It took me a week to figure out what i wanted to do but when I put it together in my head  it looked pretty awesome. The second one we ran though the scanner and turned it from a negative to a positive on the computer.

City Hall

I'm new to Shutterbugs. I just went to city hall it was very fun.
                    -Thayid wilson

My First Post So Hype!!!!!!

I'm happy because I'm writing my first post. Hi my name is Yaitza and I'm the second generation of the Shutterbug's. This is my first photogram. hope you like!!!  I'm in 6th grade and also I'm 11years old. Here's some info, the first one is negative and the second one is a positive. My Experience was wonderful.

My first negative and positive photogram. Check it out.

my first negitive and positve photograms

i used  my favirote neckles because my mom gave it to me it was great learning new things in a dark room most people used digital cammras why dont people use a dark room any more im so glade mr rocco is here to teach me an the other shutter bugs i also used eye contacts because you can see right threw it so it kinda looks like floting eyes well first i did it on the rong side then i did it on the right side of the paper an it came out like this i love learning new this from new people thank you mr rocco