Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flowers by Stephanie Vidal

I took this picture because I love these flowers and colors. Fellow Shutterbug Ivelisse was so interested in the flowers, so I decided to take pictures of them. I focused the camera on the flowers so the gate and the background ended up blurry. Also, I set up at the perfect angle to take this picture through the fence. 

The Gate by Ivelisse

In this picture I was trying to focus the camera on the girl but I messed up and focused on the gate instead. This accident turned out pretty good I think!  I like how the background looks nice but kind of blurry.

God is Happy By Jonathan Gonzalez

I named this picture God is Happy because when I saw the sky and it seemed likely that god was like the sun and smiling at everyone, like everyone did something good in the world.

Reflections and Confusion By: Christopher

I named this photo reflections and confusion because of the way this photo was taken. It has reflections of everything in the street and the building, and I named it confusion also because it confuses the person looking at the photo because of the reflections.  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Angel Sent Away By: Rashawn

The reason why I picked this picture to be on the blog is because it brings me special memories. To start off, it reminds me about all the people in my family who are in heaven. Also, because it reminds me of Colombia and how everyone was together. Everyone was a family even though we were two groups, as time passed we became one. Finally, it reminds me of all the times everyone ate together in Colombia and and how everyone shed tears when we said goodbye.  Until this day I look back and wish I was still there.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flowers in Colombia By: Jashira :)

I took this picture because one thing  I love from Colombia other than the people are the flowers. I took this picture when the Shutterbugs and the Flormorado were walking around to see more of Colombia. around this pink flower was a whole bunch of different colored flowers like pink, purple, yellow, and even blue but since my favorite color is pink this flower caught my attention the most.  Also while I was in Colombia Mr.Rocco told us that Colombia is known for their flowers. 

Alone By: Christopher Javier

Alone, is what this lonely bird is. I decided to take the picture because of the way the photo looks and the way it was taken. I also took it because of the only bird that was on the wire that's why I called the picture ''alone''. This picture in the intersection of B and Allegheny.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

g In by Janommys Bodden

This picture I took in Colombia, although it was a coincidence, actually turned out how I wanted.  I was walking and happened to notice this sign on the floor.  At first I just wanted a picture of the sign and then had the idea of letting someone walk by it again so I could get my point of view and felt as if the left side was empty so I waited. This turned out to be a great picture just because of the irony of the sign.

Mornings in Colombia by Joselyn

This morning in Colombia was interesting because it was a foggy light day and Franchesca was in the middle of the view and I thought it would be interesting to take a shot of her enjoying herself. This was day 4 and we were scared to be up in the mountains.