Thursday, May 12, 2011

My interview at my first exibit

When the guy interviewed me for his video about Northern Liberties that will soon be up on youtube it made me really happy because I know people are going to see our blog and start supporting us.

Get off my car

During our exhibit we were outside and then a police car parked near a fire hydrant.So while the police guy was inside getting pizza my friend Gennyliz decided to give the officer a ticket for parking near a fire hydrant.I took this picture while she was putting the ticket with Rashawn and then the officer came and looked at them and smiled. I added the thought bubble because he looked like he was thinking "Get off my car" and I added the smiling face because he looked happy not mad.

P.S. thanks to all the people who came to our exhibit and supported us all the way and thanks to all the people who are still going to see our work at the Rustica Pizzeria.

our photo shoot

when mr.Rocco was inside talking me & a couple of girls went outside with the camera & played model here are a couple of the pictures :D

Monday, May 2, 2011

An inivitation

The Stetson Shutterbugs Photography Club will be showcasing their work this Friday from 4 - 6PM at Rustica Pizza, located at 2nd and Poplar Sts. The exhibition will demonstrate several of the photographic processes the students have learned, including pinholes, photograms, and digital imaging. The Shutterbugs would like to thank everyone that made this show possible, including Stetson Charter School, Arts Rising, The Light Room, Rustica Pizza, Christpher Co., Cheltenham Camera Club, and all the generous photographers who donated us equipment. We hope you can join us!

For more information about the exhibition email instructor Tony Rocco at

look at my contact sheets

Here is a photo of Ivelise looking amazed as she looks through her images on her first contact sheet.

Developing our first Film/Contact Sheets

Here is Jashira practicing
loading film with her eyes closed.

Here is a picture of one of our first contact sheets.

Mr. Rocco took us out around the neighborhood with our cameras to take pictures of things that we see every day in our community. Then we developed our first negatives in our darkroom. After that we made our first contact sheets by shining light through our negatives with the enlargers.