Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hey I'm Hope and I've been a Shutterbug for 3 years. Wow! I still can't believe I've been here for 3 years, but anyway, I'm in 8th grade and I'm 13 and the reason why I joined the Shutterbugs is because I thought that it was cool (and my best friend was here and begged me to come and I'm not going to lie I thought it was lame but after a few weeks I really started to like it). So now I am here 3 years later and I really enjoy  the dark room, doing pinholes, film , and digital photography. Also, we did trips, we went to the University of the Arts and other places, and I've had my photos in lots of exhibits. 

Hi I am Luis, and this is my first time as a Shutterbug. I am a student at Stetson charter school and I am in the 8th grade and this is my second year at Stetson. I am a hard-working student and I became a shutterbug because when I heard of the shutterbugs they opened my eyes to what I would be interested in and I would love to take pictures that express my feelings and show the world who I really am.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Get Ready to be Inspired! Shutterbugs 2017 and Beyond!

Hey there! My name is Linda. I am the newest member of the Photography without Borders board and mother of shutterbugs Leanise,Xavier,and my 2 year old Dominic. I am a product of the School District of Philadelphia. As a high school student in Edison/Fariera high school, I spoke up and fought for the rights of myself and fellow students as part of Youth United for Change. I continued years later as a youth organizer at this same organization for a couple years. I am a strong advocate of the empowerment of all youth not only my own, to have the education, support, programs,and most importantly a VOICE throughout their pursuit for a high quality education that can lead to career opportunities and a bright future ahead of them! 

I am excited to be working alongside Tony and the Stetson Shuterbugs! I will be helping the Shutterbugs with this awesome blog with the goal of allowing them to express themselves through their photographs and being able to share them here along with their experiences, goals, and stories behind each incredible photo. Shutterbugs will be publishing blogs next week. They will also be taking photos with pinhole cameras they made out of large tin cans! We want them to be able to share their work with you all here and soon via social media as well. My post serves as a quick introduction of myself and my excitement of the future that lies ahead for our Shutterbugs and Photography without Borders! Stay tuned for blogs and more news from our Shutterbugs very soon!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hi, my name is Jahaira Romero and i'm part of the Shutter Bugs. I'm posting about a film picture that i took and telling you, my supporters and followers, about it. So lets begin! I took this picture when my my mom, my younger brother (Franscico), my older brother (Osvaldo) and I left a store and walk to the car. When we found a shopping cart next to our car. So Osvaldo stand on top of the shopping cart and look around. So while he was standing on top of the shopping cart I took the picture. This picture is my best, my favorite and I love it because my brother is in it and I love him. i call this picture "Stand Up. Look Up."

Hi, my name is Jahaira Romero and i'm in the Shutter Bug. I am posting what does this picture mean to me. So....

Friday, November 21, 2014


For the past few weeks the Shutterbugs have been learning how to do Cyanotypes under the expert tutulage of Stetson Art teacher extraordinaire Ms. Coyle and our Super-Intern Tiffany! Check out the

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pinhole Photography (part 4) Meeting 10/21/14

Our pinhole cameras were spray painted, tested, and ready to roll!

We split up in groups and went out into the neighborhood, to find a good images. Everyone was able to take a photograph, and we had far more success than last time when it came time to develop them. There were some pretty cool images made!

Some of the photographs taken:

Just some quick shots. Properly scanning and inverting them (so they become positives and look like regular photos instead of negatives) will come later,

Next up; cyanotypes!