Friday, March 9, 2018

Good and Bad Things in Life

I took this picture because of all the trash in the background and the side of the factory. This is a factory. You can tell me it doesn't from the way it looks but it is just the other side.This factory area caught my eye because of the way the windows are made of bricks. This factory attracts drugs addicts and it is falling apart. This is not a good area because the cops are usually here but for kids like me having to see this stuff, it is just bad. We have to deal with not being safe because of other people's actions. A lot of people do drugs and drop needles everywhere but their minds are controlled by the drug so even if they wanted to stop, they would not be able to stop because they would go to rehab and then they would come out and see everybody else doing it and they would do it all over again. It's sad living in this neighborhood but there are a lot of positive things out here. People don't see the good things these places bring us. Don't only focus on the bad. Focus on what is right in the world. Trust me it might make this place a better place.

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