Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Motivos Magazine!

The first time I was at a Motivos event with my brother Xavier, I was really shocked and honored because I never been in something big like that but I didn’t think we were going to get picked. I didn’t know I was that good. I liked it because I got to take pictures with people talking and expressing their feelings and being proud of their work.

 The reason why I liked taking pictures at Motivos was because I like taking pictures a lot. It reminds me of the way pictures can show emotions and what they mean. I like that a lot because it is really cool and that is what photos show me.

 The reason why I am really happy that they said we can do these events is because we get to meet new people and talk to them. It was a blessing that they said we can do this. I never did this before and I was really nervous but I said what I needed to say and what was my feelings of being a Shutterbug and how I liked it and it was cool because we met Jenee. She is the founder of Motivos magazine. We got to do cool stuff and we got to talk about how we started at Shutterbugs. The cool part was that when we did it everybody was proud of us but it was really hard because I was nervous but I still did it. We met a lot of people that was interested in working with Shutterbugs because they like taking pictures too.
 I was so happy I got this chance and I am thankful and I hope I can do it again because it was really cool to do something like that in my life. Thank you! 😄😄

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